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Hey there!

My name is Shamay — I’m a tech product manager, ex-neuroscience researcher, and the writer behind Brain Street.

Friday Brainstorm is a bi-monthly newsletter where I try to unpack the neuroscience behind everyday experiences. My hope is that people walk away with a better understanding of why their brain works the way it does.

I spend a lot of time consuming content related to neuroscience — whether it be academic research, books, articles, podcasts, shows, you name it. This newsletter is an outlet for me to share anything I find worthwhile, that warrants your attention.

So far, I’ve touched on music, learning, memory, ethics, metaphors, attention, creativity, time, flow states, metacognition, brain-computer interfaces, tools for thought, and even poetry.

In any given newsletter, you might find some combination of:

  • any new pieces I’m writing ✍️

  • powerful concepts from books I’m reading 📚

  • unfiltered thoughts on an app/startup 📱

  • deep dives into an topic area from multiple angles 🤔

  • quality content recommendations 📦

  • my take on the latest neuroscience research findings 🧠

  • possibly even a life update or two 🌱

No matter what — I promise to keep it short, simple, and always interesting.

I publish my writing on Brain Street. My goal is to make knowledge from cognitive neuroscience more approachable and applicable to everyday life.

Think of this as the opposite of pop psych - I’m going for factual yet informative. Here's the pitch: I'll handle the hours of research and you get the key takeaways without any of the work.

So far, my writing has explored music, creativity, digital wellness, tech ethics, and the intersection of neuroscience and technology.

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