Friday Brainstorm Returns October 30 🧠

A new season coming soon, with a fresh look and streamlined content.

Hi friends,

It’s been a little over a month since the last issue of Friday Brainstorm. I wanted to take a break and process the feedback I got from writing this newsletter for 6 months.

Having some space away from writing gave me clarity on what’s been working and what needs a refresh. That being said — I’m excited to announce that Friday Brainstorm is returning next week, with a fresh look and all-new content style.

The next season of Friday Brainstorm will be snappier, more engaging, and better researched. If you enjoyed the past newsletters, you’ll absolutely love where this newsletter is going next.

I also have a couple of personal updates that I can’t wait to share with you all. It will have to wait until next week though!

— Shamay

To prepare for the launch, I would really appreciate it if you shared this newsletter with friends, family and coworkers who would get something out of it.

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In one sentence - Friday Brainstorm is where I try to unpack the neuroscience behind everyday experiences. My hope is that readers walk away with a better understanding of why their brain works the way it does.

In any given newsletter, you might find some combination of:

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